The Drawings of Razi Razavi

by Andy SmithPosted on

On scraps on paper, the drawings of Turkish artist Razi Razavi seem to apparate in a ghostly manner, the artist’s sparse details having both uneasy and captivating effects. Each visage carries its own, private narrative, yet many stare directly into the viewer’s eyes. As you’lll see below, the artist’s practice also extends to painting, yet maintains similar qualities.

“Everything that has seen and understood, has been institutionalized in our conscious and unconscious mind,” e1 Gallery says of the artist. “In his sketches, Razi dictates a visual dialogue by relying on a symbolic view of the audience. Occasionally, a sign has an iconic nature, and sometimes the index, sometimes direct or indirectly, enters the relationship. In its behavior, texture is the dominant element and with the technique of eliminating, he creates visual values to provide an oriental look.”

See more of his work on his Instagram page.

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