Pierre Matter’s Sculptures Return in ‘Le Souffle de Changement’

by Andy SmithPosted on

With “Le Souffle de Changement,” Pierre Matter offers a surreal, contemplative set of sculptures crafted from bronze and recycled objects. The exhibition currently inhabits one of the AFA Gallery-curated spaces at Château Belcastel in France. In the process of creating these works, Matter uses “welders, plasma cutters, laser cutters and grinders to shape and sculpt,” AFA says. The exhibition runs through October.

“I’m a kind of salvager,” the artist has said. “I feel like a child in a heap of sand, but instead of sand, there’s a lot of recycling and scrap, full of magnificent objects. Often, the sculpture which emerge from these scraps of metal speak to us of who we are and how our future might be.”

See more from the exhibition on AFA Gallery’s site and Matter’s own homepage.

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