The Acrylic Paintings of Ivy Haldeman

by Andy SmithPosted on

Over the past few years, many of Ivy Haledeman’s intimate paintings have focused on an anthropomorphic female hot dog character. The character bends and lounges across the canvas, often extending most of its form out of our view. While surely offering more erotic themes to extract, Haldedeman’s paintings also seem to be offering reflections on the capitalistic system that produces “hot dogs” themselves.

In her statement for a show at Downs & Ross last year, she offered two quotes: one, from the Pierre Klossowski book “Living Currency” and another from a 2018 earnings call within The Kraft Heinz Co. “When our capability and product news come together, we see measurable, incremental and sustainable gains. We see Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs increase households’ penetration and velocity, grow dollar sales and gain share,” says the excerpt.

Find more of her work on her site.

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