The Recent Sculptures of Qixuan Lim

by Andy SmithPosted on

In her recent sculptures, Qixuan Lim, also known as QimmyShimmy, continues to meld everyday objects with disconcerting elements. Her recent project, created for an upcoming show at Beinart Gallery next month, inserts one of her realistic organs into dumplings. Or as she says: “For those who wonder why your wontons are so wrinkly.” Her sculptures are crafted in polymer clay.

“Some describe my work as ‘pop-surrealistic’ and ‘creepy-cute,’ but I will leave that entirely up to you,” she says. “In my sculptural works, I create tension between two worlds— the real and the imagined. My aesthetic sensibilities have been shaped by my love for fantasy stories, old curiosities, time-travel and my yearning for worlds natural and made-believe.”

See more of her recent work below and on her site. Read more about her Beinart Gallery show here.

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