Prescilla-Mary Maisani’s ‘Frog’s Dynasty’ Sculpture

by Andy SmithPosted on

In Prescilla-Mary Maisani’s latest series of sculptures, “Frog’s Dynasty,” she presents amphibian deities that reflect contemporary self-infatuation. Displayed poolside, their obsession with luxury is underscored, with the artist recently displaying these works in Corsica. While previous series manipulated the human form, Maisani’s new set takes a more cartoonish and sardonic turn.

A caption offers a bit of the mythology Maisani’s building in “Frog’s Dynasty”: “Frog’s Dynasty just arriving on the planet. 🔴The world has to be ready ! Straight coming from the Gods of Olympe after the gigantic Chaos who destroyed all the antic Gods from Olympe, Frog’s Dynasty appears from them dust marble! Crazy égocentric modern Gods, they are the most important personality and the most beautiful, famous, and narcissistic in all the planet! 👑 VIP in all events, Without them the world would not have any sense! The Hollywoodien couple and them daughter Vénus are almost ready for them first public apparition.”

Find more on the frogs’ Instagram page.

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