The Netting Sculptures of Benjamin Shine

by Andy SmithPosted on

In his “Flow” series, Benjamin Shine shapes netting into captivating and serene portraits. The artist, inspired by the concept of mindfulness, has taken this approach to multiple scales. His recent, outdoor “Sky Flow” sculpture “Quietude” represents a shift forward for the artist, influenced by the smaller works before it on canvas. (“Quietude” photos by Mindbodygreen.)

“The Sky Flow sculpture takes the concept of the Flow series into new territory as a large scale, self-supporting form,” the artist says of the above piece. “Silhouetted against the ever-changing sky, the sculpture appears to change colour from pink to dark crimson, depending upon the strength and direction of the sunlight. The piece is constructed from a steel sub-structure and a large 80ft x 20ft custom made recycled HDPE net, shaped through a process of compressing and folding the material into form.”

See more of Shire’s work here.

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