The Visceral Sculptures of Hugh Hayden

by Andy SmithPosted on

Hugh Hayden shapes wood, sourced from Christmas trees, exotic timbers, or other unexpected objects, into cerebral recreations of everyday objects. He recently showed recent work at C L E A R I N G’s Brussels gallery, pulling from spiritual, historical, and other aspects of the city to craft the body of work shown. The artist often injects his own personal history into his work, whether in the subject depicted or in the very wood harvested and formed.

“Hayden is also an architect, not just by training, but in the way in which he engineers archetypes, history, and humor within his work,” C L E A R I NG said of the exhibition. “Using religious iconography, modern technology, ancient myth, and the natural world as his posts and beams, windows and walls, Hayden builds complex symbolic structures in which we can consider both past and present.”

Find more about Hayden on his site, and other C L E A R I N G exhibition info here.

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