Michael Reeder Returns With ‘The OtheRealm’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Michael Reeder offers his largest collection of work yet in “The OtheRealm,” his new show at Thinkspace Projects. Reeder toys with depth and color, finding an expanse of possibilities within repeated shapes and motifs. He accomplishes this with a blend of oils, acrylics, and spraypaint, shifting between styles, and at the gallery, given site-specific flourishes. The show runs through Aug. 24.

“A contemporary portraitist who uses figurative distortions and symbolic dislocations as a vehicle for the expression and examination of identity, Reeder’s controlled chaos is as evocative as it is strategically unsettling,” the gallery says. “Looking to the depiction of the figure as an exteriorization of the internal self, Reeder’s graphic and stylized works oscillate between moments of reduction and surplus. The artist’s imagery is loose enough to encourage projection and tight enough to direct association by tapping into the subconscious, and its surreal recesses, as a limitless visual resource.”

See more from Reeder here, and read more about the show on Thinkspace Projects’ website.

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