The Ethereal Installations of David Spriggs

by Andy SmithPosted on

Layering acrylic on transparent sheets, the ghostly work of David Spriggs towers over viewers. The artist places painted subjects inside these creations, from from varying figures to more celestial bodies. A view from behind works such as “In Utero II” shows how the illusionary quality of the installations carries to different perspectives.

On the below work, a statement says this: “Gold is part of David Spriggs’ chromatic artwork series of Stratachromes on the contemporary symbolic meanings of color. Spriggs’ monumental installation presents eleven inverted yellow-golden human figures painted on layers of transparent sheets that are hung within an inverted pyramid structure. Initially reminiscent of the pediment of the New York Stock Exchange, Gold, in the spirit of pittura infamante (defaming portrait) turns the glory of capitalism on its apex, revealing its current precarious state. It speaks to the widening inequity within the Global Wealth Pyramid and the concentration of excessive wealth and corresponding power into the hands of a select few.”

See more of the artist’s work on his site.

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