Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello Create Seesaw Along Border Wall

by Andy SmithPosted on

A seesaw across the U.S.-Mexico border came to life this week, 10 years after first being conceived by two California professors. Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello, instructors in architecture and design, respectively, created “a literal fulcrum” out of the wall. Rael says it was “one of the most incredible experiences of my and [Virginia’s] career bringing to life the conceptual drawings of the Teetertotter Wall from 2009 in an event filled with joy, excitement, and togetherness at the borderwall.”

The seesaws connected Sunland Park, New Mexico, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, in particular. Children on both sides spontaneously joined the fun throughout the day. “The joy that was shared this day on both sides is something that will stay with me forever,” Rael said. Rael is the author of the book “Borderwall as Architecture,” “a timely re-examination of what the 650 miles of physical barrier that divides the United States of America from the United Mexican States is, and could be.”

Find more about the duo here.

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