Jason Limon’s Stirring New Paintings Coming to Copro Gallery

by Andy SmithPosted on

Jason Limon, whose striking paintings play with the macabre and typography, offers new acrylic works on panel next month in a show at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. Kicking off on Aug. 10 and running through Aug. 31, “Signs of Life” is at once playful and riveting, in the artist’s knack for conveying perspective and depth.

“As I progress through my work there is one field where I started and tend to gravitate toward the most: history,” the artist has said. “History is all around. Within the elements that surround us every day are bits of someone else – a record of thoughts made up of color, typography and symbols marked onto paper and metal to represent products throughout time.”

Find more info about Copro Gallery’s upcoming exhibitions on its site. Find Limon on the web here.

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