Inside Bruno Weber’s Sculpture Park in Switzerland

by Andy SmithPosted on

Bruno Weber was a master of crafting fantastical creatures, and there’s no greater example than the 220,000-square-foot sculpture garden bearing his name in his native Switzerland, visited by thousands each year. Inside this magical park, nestled in Spreitenbach and Dietikon, visitors can scale and interact with its inhabitants. Here, artist Angie Mason shares photos from her recent visit there.

Switzerland Tourism says that the walkable park “embodies the interplay between physical architecture and nature, and is regarded as Switzerland’s largest sculpture park creation by a single artist.” Weber’s family purchased the land where the park sits in 1952. Though the artist passed away in 2011 at the age of 80, the Bruno Weber Foundation continues to maintain the property and welcome hordes of admirers each year.

You can read more about the park’s history on their site. Find artist Angie Mason on the web here.

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