Andrew Hem Shows ‘Fragmentz’ in Paris

by Andy SmithPosted on

Inspired by both the culture of the Khmer people of Cambodia and California’s street culture, Andrew Hem crafts vibrant peeks into everyday life. In a new show at Galerie Openspace titled “Fragmentz,” his recent experimentations are offered. Hem was last featured on here and crafted the cover for HF Vol. 21.

“Working in gouache, oil and acrylic, Andrew Hem depicts dreamlike scenes evoking sometimes ancient or legendary Cambodian history, sometimes showing landscapes between city and nature, composed around one or more characters,” the gallery says. “The artist seems to transcribe in scenes in lush colors moments suspended between memories and dreams. With a very successful technical mastery, his work is part of a new contemporary painting with surrealist accents.”

The show at Galerie Openspace runs through July 20. Find the artist on the web here.

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