Kathy Ager’s ‘Golden Age’ Paintings Collapse Time

by Andy SmithPosted on

Kathy Ager’s stirring paintings, inspired by classical still-life and Baroque iconography, integrate pop cultural and personal objects. In a new show at Thinkspace Projects, titled “Golden Age,” her recent explorations are offered, each showing the artist’s knack in both realism and graphical, toon-influenced rendering. The show opens tomorrow and runs through July 20.

“The seductive darkness with which Ager reveals universal human longings is both disarming and consuming,” the gallery says. “Broken hearts are offered up as organs in a bowl, skeletal memento mori abound, and dating feels about as abject in the modern world as butchery; books are stacked with suggestive spines, and flowers wither while fruit threatens to decay. The abattoir is never far from the transcendent ambitions of classical statuary in Ager’s world, while beauty is embroiled in the vulnerability of intimacy and self-exposure.”

See more works from Ager’s Thinkspace Projects show below. Ager can be found on the web here.

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