The Recent Mixed-Media, Floral Creations of Sage Vaughn

by Andy SmithPosted on

Examining the theme of survival, the floral figures of Sage Vaughn‘s recent body of work carry elegance and provocation. Recent work shown at Unit London, rendered in acrylic, ink, oil, and vellum on canvas, show an artist reflecting on the power and harshness of nature. Vaughn was featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 26.

“Practitioners of the mystic arts, doomsday cults, and other collectives that exist on the fringes of civilisation signify experiments in communal outlier survival,” the gallery Unit London says. “These group beliefs are often simultaneously potent and extremely fragile. Vaughn uses a similar floral vocabulary to create a series of graphic symbols to reflect the various communal attempts at subsistence. These manicured visual eco-systems represent his meditations on the various esoteric groups who were able to survive, albeit briefly, outside of the confines mainstream thought.”

See more of the artist’s mixed-media work below.

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