The Crowded Paintings of Kiatanan Iamchan

by Andy SmithPosted on

Kiatanan Iamchan’s cacophonous paintings offer heaps of characters and unexpected elements, each assemblage acting as a growth adorning central figures. The artist says he’s always had a passion for Thai fine art, in particular. Embedded in each of the paintings are cross-cultural, broad-scale reflections of an artist able to render multiple styles at once.

“My works reflect this concept of Thai society,” the painter says. “(I’m) inspired by the mural painting in many temples of Thailand. My works express concept and emotion of living in positive and negative ways also attached the vision and instruction of the Buddhism for the mental thought. The artworks considered as a subjection belief by drawing a semi – cartoon mixed with semi – realistic. The period of time in his artwork seems to be mixed between past, present, and future.”

See more of Iamchan’s work below.

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