The Recent Paintings and Drawings of Davor Gromilović

by Andy SmithPosted on

Davor Gromilović continues to craft lush fantasy worlds in his drawings and paintings, with both massive scenes and intimate looks at his monsters. The artist is constantly experimenting in his works, toying with perspective in odes to NES games or blending textures. Gromilović last appeared on our site here.

The artist often offers insights into each of the works he shares on Instagram, whether in the differing influences on the content or the materials chosen for a given work. On the above piece, he says this: “I can’t remember where I found the idea for all parts of this drawing, but I remember it was in one documentary, but the idea can be a homage to some Pieter Brugel paintings as well. For sure, I’ve mixed some childhood memories of when spent some time living on a farm. There’s practically lots of good memories from that period I can use for artwork nowadays. If I am informed correctly, this drawing is reserved and after the exhibition closes it will stay in France in a private collection.”

Next month, the artist has a show with Paolo Del Toro at Nucleus Portland. See more of his works since he was last featured below.

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