The Comic-Style Murals of Dimitris Taxis

by Andy SmithPosted on

The murals of Dimitris Taxis recall his experience in both comics and cinematography. The Poland-born, Athens-based artist has emerged as a force in public art for his distinct works, often depicting solitary scenes in a style not often seen on walls. Recent sites include Italy and his native Poland.

“Dimitris’s point of reference is the human himself,” a statement says. “He is intrigued by the everyday inner struggle that society forces each individual to go through. In his art he aims to capture the feelings of desolation and hardship, feelings that have always tormented humanity. He believes that his work states obvious matters that many people tend to forget or ignore which in fact is something that should be strongly reexamined. His goal is to provoke the viewer into a conversation with himself in which he can expand or delve deeper according to his own perception.”

See more of his work below.

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