Vasilis Avramidis Shows New Paintings in ‘Host’

by Andy SmithPosted on

The oil paintings of Vasilis Avramidis blend architecture with writhing, organic forms that appear both figurative and alien. In the new show “Host” at Hiro Gallery in Tokyo, several new works from the artist are collected. The show runs June 10 through June 29. Avramidis was last featured on here.

“The group of oil paintings titled ‘Host’ moves into a mode of landscape painting that creates a place for the suggestion of the uncanny,” the gallery says. “Banal and ordinary places become meaningful through the very act of painting, which does not merely capture existing images, but what it does is reshape and act as a formative medium with a language of its own. Filtered by the artist’s psyche, what these works try to do is let the medium of paint bring the initial pictorial ideas and the artist’s visual experiences into this formative terrain.”

See more of the artist’s recent work below.

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