Stuart Holland Presents New, Stirring Works in ‘Elsew(here’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Stuart Holland‘s stirring charcoal drawings and watercolor works packed Arch Enemy Arts this month in a show titled “Elsew(here).” The Idaho artist crafts quiet, cerebral scenes, each its own introspective and metaphysical exploration. The show ends on June 1.

“Drawing influence from psychology, various spiritual traditions, psychedelics, and quantum physics, Stuart’s work is the realization of an enigmatic liminal realm,” the gallery says. “Within this enigmatic plane, Stuart’s work explores the concepts of self, consciousness, and the ultimate nature of reality. Riddled with vast landscapes, monolithic architecture, and thought provoking voids, it is often difficult to discern if these environments exist in the physical realm, are mental fabrication, alternate realities, or are glimpses into a higher dimension of consciousness.”

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