The Oil Paintings of Manuel Zamudio

by Andy SmithPosted on

Manuel Zamudio‘s oil paintings deftly blend realistic portraits with elements of street art. The Texas artist’s work comes to us through our Submission page (here). Over the last few years, Zamudio has shown his work through Texas and Mexico City.

“Zamudio’s path in art began when he first moved to Texas as a young boy,” a statement says. “In dealing with the challenges that often come with assimilating to a starkly different culture at a very young age, Zamudio found refuge in immersing himself in art. He would replicate his favorite comic book characters, and without knowing, developed an understanding of the human form, and the concepts of color schemes. As he was honing his art techniques with the passing years, Zamudio was also gaining experience with using several different mediums that range from oil paints, to spray paints.”

See more of the painter’s work below.

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