The Vibrant, Illusionary Landscapes of Colin Prahl

by Andy SmithPosted on

Colin Prahl’s intricate landscapes move between circuitry-like forms and psychedelia, each acrylic painting a wild display of illusion and vibrancy. From afar, the structures and contours contained within his works resemble urban environments.

“Working primarily in two dimensions, his pieces are influenced by architectural renderings, perceptual artifacts, optical illusions, logical puzzles, scientific, medical, and futurist illustration,” says Kate Oh Gallery. “These visual themes are blended together into densely detailed and colorful landscape-structures. Initially working in a purely abstract geometric space, the main focus of the paintings is moving towards more research driven illustration, aiming specifically at neuroanatomical functional diagrams in an ongoing series with an indeterminate size, while still experimenting with more open-ended geometric landscapes in other works.”

See more of Prahl’s work below

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