Paul McCarthy’s ‘Mixed Bag’ Show Spans Mediums

by Andy SmithPosted on

Paul McCarthy’s work traverses sculpture, painting, installation art, and film, and all are showcased in his new show, aptly titled “Mixed Bag.” The show at Xavier Hufkens in Belgium, running through May 25 at the venue, takes over both of their gallery spaces. From his malformed figures to recent political reflections in video, the 73-year-old’s work from the past two decades is shown.

In the work continued from his “White Snow” dwarves series, the gallery says, “The clay/resin and painted sculptures all bear witness to the hand of the artist: how McCarthy coaxes his works into being through classical processes of modelling and assemblage followed by destruction, manipulation and distortion; or the transformations effected through the application of resin or paint. At the same time, they also emphasise the self-generating nature of his practice. These sculptures are a never-ending work-in-progress: pieces constantly return and morph into new hybrids, spin-offs and alternative formats.”

See more works from the show below.

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