The Oil and Acrylic Paintings of Cathrin Hoffmann

by Andy SmithPosted on

Cathrin Hoffmann extracts unexpected textures and forms in her oil and acrylic paintings. The surreal forms she creates has often been compared to those created through digital means, yet Hoffman’s practice spans multiple medium and approaches. Her latest work is included in the The Hole’s current group show “Post Analog Studio,” which specifically looks at how digital means have changed art.

“Fearless, she tears of the all-damming wallpaper in front of our inner eye and turns around the filter until the automatic cognition explodes,” Millerntor Gallery says of the artist. “Within the fragments of this leftover reality blossoms a humorous and moreover human parallel dimension. Cathrin Hoffmanns art is not a vain pursuit of artistic Mastery. It is first of all a bold projection surface. Therefore she does not bind herself to one specific technique or medium – her world takes place everywhere.”

See more of her work below.

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