The Black-and-White Murals of Paola Delfín

by Andy SmithPosted on

Paola Delfín’s riveting murals, though monochromatic, are teeming with life on walls across the world. The artist’s recent works, adorning structures in Belgium, Cuba, and Cayman Islands, move between eye-level and towering works, such as the The Crystal Ship piece shown above and below. The artist was born in Mexico City.

On the top mural, located in Ostend, Belgium, for the The Crystal Ship event: “‘The dictatorship of art’ was the theme for this year’s edition, focusing on how important letting you passion and creativity drive you is,” the artist writes. “The mural is located in a social housing project in the outskirts the city, which made me see another side of Oostende and connect in a special way with the locals. There I met Tineke, who is a very inspiring woman, a hard worker who dedicates a lot of energy and effort for the community, keeping the neighbors connected in order to grow and create bigger thing . I included her on top of my mural. Followed by Jasmine @jajasminene , who is an artist and also a super important member of the @thcrstlshp team who made sure everything was going well for all of us, working super hard every day to help us to complete such a beautiful project. And last but not least, Bjørn @bjornvanpoucke who 4 years ago created this project also believing in the importance on following your passion and doing what you love, he was responsible for putting this group of people together qnd bring more art to the city of Oostende. Thanks so much to the 3 of them for all their hard work, for the inspiration and for making the world a happier place, proving that by joining forces together we are stronger.”

See more of the artist’s works below.

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