The 3D-Inspired Paintings of Cesar Piette

by Andy SmithPosted on

Cesar Piette’s analogue paintings carry the texture and sheen of digitally created Pixar characters. The artist uses a blend of paint techniques, between traditional layering and airbrush approaches. Before that, the artist has first designed these characters via sketching, digital modeling and adjustment, and then goes to work on the final painting.

“These portraits, scenes, nudes or still lives draw references to the history of Painting,” a statement says. “The ‘high and low’ effect blends together cartoon and high classical references. Nudes can remind Ingres, Matisse, Léger or italian painting’s nudes and extend this long tradition but offer a contemporary version. So the works are also engaged with Representation and offer a vision of the Body and the Human as an object made of an unorganic material. They show characters having a kind of empty or frozen emotion which reinforce this ’object’ effect.”

See more of his paintings below.

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