Emma Webster’s Paintings Rooted in World-Building

by Andy SmithPosted on

Before painting, Emma Webster first constructs dioramas with backdrops, lighting, and clay figures. What is created from those collaged maquettes are stirring paintings that examine both our own natural environments and world-building as a concept. Her recent show at Diane Rosenstein, “Arcadia,” collected those recent oil paintings.

“Scale shifts conflate the panoramic with the miniature, and the dioramas are a pastiche of idylls,” the gallery says. “In these operatic and thrilling paintings, nature is fraught with artifice. The animals are clay figurines. The foliage is plastic. Lighting comes from a flashlight. The entire view is straightforward, giving a clear vantage point. The artist’s hand is evident, fabricating an idealized scene that speaks to her desire to build one’s own world: an Arcadia.”

See more of her paintings below.

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