The Acrylic Paintings of Kate Klingbeil

by Andy SmithPosted on

Kate Klingbeil layers acrylic into sculptural, absorbing paintings that explore personal themes. She uses the female form to craft landscapes and towering structures, as figures explore and dance among the terrain. These massive stretches of activity convey both psychological and physical expeditions.

“Klingbeil’s thick, sumptuous works of layered acrylic paint offer a uniquely vulnerable yet spirited vantage point into the artist’s experience with Hashimoto’s Disease,” Hashimoto Contemporary says. “… Klingbeil invites the viewer to experience the complexity and nuance of the female experience and what it means to create a reality in which healing is not only the goal, but every step of the journey.”

See recent installations, including one from her show last year at Hashimoto Contemporary, below.

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