The Wood-Cut Relief Prints of Simon Lice

by Andy SmithPosted on

Simon Lice‘s wood-cut relief collages are stirring looks inside the human body. In a recent show at Outre Gallery, titled “Headaches Coughing Fits,” the artist offered a set of these works, combining talents in drawing, printmaking, and curation of hues. The Melbourne-based artist, a jeweler by trade, is also influenced by tattoo culture.

On how anatomy enters into his work, Lice told the gallery this in an interview: “The beauty in the muscle structures, veins, fatty tissues, bones… It is so fun to draw and carve. The cross-section of a skull or head is way more interesting to me than the whole image itself, way darker. That’s not to say I don’t love drawing a plain old skull. (I’ll never get bored of that – you can never have to many skulls.) Take an eyeball for example. They’re so fascinating! They become way more creepy when you take them out of context. There are just so many different layers of anatomy to explore. It never gets boring.”

See more of Lice’s work below.

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