The Glass Creations of Janis Miltenberger

by Andy SmithPosted on

The glass work of Janis Miltenberger emulates natural forms, often blending human components with floral structures. The artist says she first crafts the internal structure of each piece, torching new elements into existence and adding to that foundation. Her works can take weeks or months to finish.

“I am a fan of stories, fables, parables, allegory, and soliloquy, I appreciate the quest, the subtle roles and meaning within the story. There is also a transformative nature to storytelling, we take a word or image and emblazon it, infusing it with meaning, giving each element context. The magic happens in the audience, each person having the ability to personalize, and make a story our own. While my imagery might be representational, the elements are meant as concepts, deposits which are distilled, and formed into allegorical objects.”

See more of her work below.

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