The Recent Creations of Tanel Veenre

by Andy SmithPosted on

Tanel Veenre’s recent headpieces have a sci-fi tinge, showcasing the designer’s knack for the otherworldly. Veenre appears in the new, 296-page full-color book Hi-Fructose: New Contemporary Fashion, in a conversation about his practice, which ranges from elaborate headpieces to elegant, yet distinctive jewelry.

A statement offers some insight into both the journey of Tanel and the journey of his work: “He studied at the Estonian Academy of Arts Jewelry and graduated in 2005 after having taken part in an exchange program with the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam,” a statement says. “Tanel Veenre’s jewels take one on a journey that starts from the depths of the sea, continues on through coral reefs, past dancing sea horses and then on to the cultivation of silkworms. The voyage ends in a cosmic cloud.”

See more of Veenre’s work below.

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