The Lifesized Embroidered Figures of Liisa Hietanen

by Andy SmithPosted on

The lifesized crocheted and knitted figures made by Finland artist Liisa Hietanen are based off of people in her hometown. The artist gets to know them during the process of creating their likeness. When the artist is done with one of her “Villager” sculptures, she takes it to the public and displays them in Hämeenkyrö.

“The slow handcraft techniques work as a counterforce to the accelerating pace in different areas of life,” the artist has said. “To me the more important values in my works are not likeness or resemblance. The works are rather about encountering someone very concretely, seeing the other for real and getting to know them slowly. I see these as relevant values and balancing actions especially in contrast to quick stirs and thin encounters in social media.”

See more of her work below.

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