The Painted Arrangements of Alfred Steiner

by Andy SmithPosted on

The watercolor paintings of Alfred Steiner create familiar characters out of disparate objects. His piece “Clown (Krusty),” for example, realistically utilizes a salt shaker, banana, the head of critic Jerry Saltz, and much more. Elsewhere the artist creates his subjects out of genitalia.

“He had a 15-year career as a copyright and trademark lawyer in New York City and now is a full-time artist,” a statement says. “His law career has had a strong influence on his art. Steiner’s watercolours reference images from pop culture including logos and cartoon characters. He breaks down the images into basic shapes. From there he reconstructs the images using photos of essentially anything: from food, insects, toys, pills, reptiles to sexual organs and sex toys. The finished result however still allows the viewer to remember the original image.”

See more of Steiner’s work below.

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