Serge Gay Jr. Reflects in ‘Valid’ Body of Work

by Andy SmithPosted on

Serge Gay Jr.’s new monochromatic acrylic paintings reckon with American history and the voices long suppressed. In a new show at Art Attack SF, running Feb. 6-March 3, his new body of work is shown. “There’s a common belief of living in a world that is black and white; however there many shades of gray … and sometimes a bit of color,” the artist says.

“‘VALID’ is about how my life story fits within today’s dark political times,” Gay writes. “The outdoors, island life, and ‘tropical beauty’ bring me joy. I often reference these themes in my work as a method of relaxation to hide from harsh realities and difficult subject matters. My work is an awakening to consider the deep issues America is undergoing—such as minority groups being left behind—and is likewise a call to action to have compassion with others regardless of their background.”

See more works from “VALID” below.

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