The Surreal Murals of Mehdi Ghadyanloo

by Andy SmithPosted on

Mehdi Ghadyanloo‘s grand, massive murals are both autobiographical and tell of a potential future. Recent work, adorning large structures, Davos, Linz, Boston, Tehran, and beyond, integrate the building’s characteristics into the design. See works from recent years below.

“Known primarily for his gigantic trompe l’oeil-style murals in central Tehran, Ghadyanloo also creates paintings, with surreal and minimalistic themes,” the artist’s site says. “Through his works, Ghadyanloo opens a window into the mood of life in Iran today. At the same time, he provides an autobiographical perspective, portraying the landscapes of his youth, his memories of Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988), and his life experience in the Islamic Republic. Although at times sombre and even suggestive of a failed utopia, Ghadyanloo’s work conveys hope that change can be effected, and it speaks with joy of what remains glorious in gloomy times.”

See more of the artist’s recent work below.

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