The Fabric Sculptures of Kay Healy

by Andy SmithPosted on

Kay Healy fabric works are based on real stories and memories, with surreal self-portraits and scenes. At times, the artist conveys figures integrated into the textiles. Elsewhere, the work is realistic from a distance, its texture and true nature revealed upon inspection.

“Over the last decade, Kay Healy has created life-sized drawn, painted, and screen printed installations addressing themes of home, loss, and displacement,” a recent statement says. “Her projects involve interviewing people and re-creating objects and imagery from their stories. …. She makes the screen printed, stuffed, and sewn life-size objects and domestic spaces to tell people’s stories, and to embody vivid memories of people, places, and events from their lives. From armchairs to frying pans, side tables to Teletubbies, each piece is based on a person’s story of an object that they have lost and wish they could still have.”

See more of Healy’s work below.

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