Roman Klonek’s New Woodprints Emerge in ‘Cut²’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Roman Klonek’s woodcut prints return in a new show at Galerie vorn und oben in Eupen, Belgium. “Cut²” collects several new works from artist, influenced by vintage posters and pop culture. The show arrives next month at the gallery. Klonek was last mentioned on here.

A statement offers some insight into the artist’s history with the form. “In the ’90s he studied Graphic Arts in Duesseldorf and discovered a passion for woodcut,” it says. “For the past 20 years he has created illustrations and prints with a wide range of whimsical creatures, mostly half animal/half human and preferably in awkward situations. His work can be described as a bizarre balancing act between propaganda, folklore and pop.”

See more works from the show below.

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