JR’s 700 Trains Permanently Installed in France

by Andy SmithPosted on

French artist JR‘s elaborate installation consisting of more than 700 electric train wagons is now permanent at Villa La Coste in France. The work, which only momentarily reveals images as the trains circle, calls back to the artist’s own travels across the world, creating massive works and pieces on this scale. The work was first commissioned by Chateau La Coste. JR was last mentioned on HiFructose.com here.

“The image is surreptitiously offered to the visitors when they move closer to the installation as the result of the synchronisation of 700 overlapping electric train wagons that create a mosaic of face fragments,” the artist’s site says. “The image revealed disappears as quickly as it appeared, letting each train go at his own pace. … As a nod to previous projects, including his action on a train going through the slums of Kibera, Kenya in 2009 and to his installation at the Panthéon (Paris, France) in 2014, JR uses an easily identifiable mechanical process to create a new illusion.”

See more of JR’s recent work below.

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