Enric Sant Paints Rivers and Masses of Human Bodies

by Andy SmithPosted on

In the paintings of Enric Sant, rivers of humans swarm across the canvas or empty into crowded masses. In the past, his fascination with flesh saw an output of grotesque figures. In recent work, he creatures gigantic, living objects from hundreds of bodies.

A recent statement offers some background on the artist: “At the age of 16, Enric Sant got involved with graffiti,” it says. “He met Poseydon, Aryz, Grito and Registred, with whom he formed the collective ‘Mixed Media,’ still active and internationally recognized. Curious to know about the different artistic and creative media, Enric Sant became more involved in everything that could fuel his creativity … Little by little he developed his own style. He began to create more and more grotesque works. And the ‘flesh,’ the body, the figure… The human being represents the main axis of his artwork.”

See more of Sant’s work below.

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