Ania Tomicka’s Mystical ‘Omen’ Paintings

by Andy SmithPosted on

Ania Tomicka’s stirring figurative paintings have a particularly mystical quality within her latest body of work, “Omen.” In a show currently at Modern Eden Gallery under that title, several works by the Italian artist are collected. Often featuring feminine figures, the work calls upon literary and art histories.

The gallery offers some insight into Tomicka’s background and her current body of work: “When she was only 9 she moved to Italy, where she started to draw seriously. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice and the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence where she found inspiration in the Italian high renaissance paintings and iconography. Her newest body of work continues this academic tradition, but presents the figure amidst backgrounds which call to mind passages from Dante’s Inferno, and lend dark and mysterious narratives to her beautifully rendered subjects.”

See more work within “Omen” below.

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