Nora Unda’s Creatures Reflect on Manipulation of Nature

by Andy SmithPosted on

Nora Unda’s otherworldly animals are inspired by our real-world manipulation of the natural world. The plasticine creatures appear with multiple heads, or elsewhere, without any at all, existing as both graceful and disturbing creations. The author offers some insight into both her process and her driving themes.

“To develop and immortalize what I have in my imagination I use plasticine as the main material, because it is volumetric, ludic, shapeable and colorful,” Unda says. This has allowed me to have a fluidity in the connection with my essence. My works are a response to an analogous analysis of two types of manipulation, which at the end, have the same meaning. The first is the one performed by me, manipulating fragments of artificial nature, the second is related to the human manipulation of the origin of animals, by them classification in species according to their behavior in their habitats, but also in the creation of new ones, while losing all respect for them (the animals).”

See more of Unda’s work below.

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