Inside OneDome’s ‘Unreal Garden’ in San Francisco

by Andy SmithPosted on

Described as a “mixed-reality art experience,” OneDome’s “The Unreal Garden” blends augmented reality, projection mapping, soundscapes, and work from 9 international artists in an exhibit in downtown San Francisco. Armed with a Microsoft Hololens AR headset, viewers can take in 10 works in the exhibit, which have also been activated using the projection technology. Featured artists include Scott Musgrove, Android Jones, John Park, Shuster + Moseley, Andy Thomas, Jasmine Pradissito, Ray Kallmeyer, and Vladislav Solovjov.

The works were digitized and activated in tandem, allowing groups to work together to activate effects and experience aspects not seen as a solo visitor. In all, 10 works are featured in the show. Jellyfish created by Scott Musgrove, who was last featured on here, are prominent among the many creatures and effects crafted for the exhibit. The backdrop itself is alive in its own way, misty waters, wooden bridges and surreal scapes, as well as an Elixart cafe, packed with nonalcoholic cocktails, lattes, and more. “Step into a new kind of experience, where art and technology unite to immerse you in a visually stunning wonderland filled with multi-dimensional plants, creatures, and original artwork,” OneDome says. “Bring the garden to life with the power of your unreal energy.”

Media company and collective Onedome has more plans ahead for immersive exhibits. “LMNL,” which opens at the end of December, is a 10,000-square-foot experience with more than a dozen interactive rooms and installations. (This time, no headset is needed.) The group says that “with 11 leading new media and visual artists from around the world, as well as Onedome’s own artist collective, LMNL exists at the evolutionary edge of technology, art, and human connection.” Artists for “LMNL” include Vincent Houze, Storylab Interactive, Leans, Gabriel Pulecio, B-Reel, Dave & Gabe, Lynchini, Hybycozo, Design I/O, and Matt Elson.

Onedome offers more behind-the-scenes insights on its projects on its Instagram page.

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