Wolfe von Lenkiewicz’s Oil Paintings Reconfigure Art History

by Andy SmithPosted on

Oil painter Wolfe von Lenkiewicz collapses art history and reconfigures some of its most beloved works, reassembling each piece with unexpected elements. In doing so, the artist examines the ideas of greatness and our categorical notions within the history of painting.

“Known for his artistic reconfigurations of well-known iconic images selected from the history of art – from Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to Pablo Picasso’s Guernica – Lenkiewicz’s post-historical practice carefully examines the linearity of historical perspective embedded within our visual understanding of the past,” a statement says. “Described alternatively as both ‘an unbound geneticist turned artist’ and ‘a contemporary iconoclast’, his art practice occupies a space outside our traditional conception of history to become a fulcrum between different ages and new form of visual language.”

See more of the artist’s recreations below.

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