Origami Used to Create ‘Lava’ in Spain Festival

by Andy SmithPosted on

More than 10,000 pieces of origami, strategic lighting, and a smoke machine were used to create “lava” on an abandoned building in Spain’s Catalan region. During the annual Lluèrnia Festival, a celebration of fire and light, David Oliva of SP25 Arquitectura and Anna Juncà of Atelier 4 combined their talents to create the display.

“Flames created with natural colors associated with fire and lava (different shades of red, yellow and orange),” SP25 says, as translated. “Some elements that by themselves adapt to the dark environment and illuminate it. Shoemaker’s figurehead is used, a classic game completely changed in context. The four tips of each element generate a flame mat that adapts to the urban topography of the environment.”

See more shots from the event below.

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