Will Sweeney’s Retro Sci-Fi Worlds

by Andy SmithPosted on

Bizarre, vibrant creatures and vehicles inhabit the worlds of Will Sweeney. The artist’s recent work calls upon the style of comics great Jack Kirby and retro science-fiction. The illustrator has crafted gallery work, comics, clothing, videos, illustrations for musicians, and more.

Earlier this year, Diesel Art Gallery described his newer work, rendered in watercolor, gel marker brush, and ink, as such: “A retro/futuristic English landscape, mutated beyond recognition, is populated by mythical creatures and freakish characters, living in makeshift shelters, conducting strange rituals and harvesting the polluted soil. Meanwhile the urban centres have fallen to ruin and decadence, ruled by a twisted elite, who exploit the populace for food and entertainment. Monsters roam the landscape, real and imagined, only those able to wield The Vorpal Sword stand a chance of defeating them.”

See more of Sweeney’s work below.

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