Deedee Cheriel Offers New Spiritual Paintings in ‘Cosmic Connections’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Deedee Cheriel’s new paintings, offering explorations of connectedness and spirituality, are part of a current show at KP Projects in Los Angeles. The paintings in “Cosmic Connections,” often featuring human-animal hybrids, display scenes set against nature. Cheriel’s work was last seen on here.

“This new body of work, ‘Cosmic Connections,’ explores themes of: illusions of separations, ego, humility, forgiveness, truth, passages, connectedness, enlightenment, and new beginnings,” the gallery says. “Although whimsical at times, Cheriel examines profound dichotomies between adversity and catharsis and similarly, love and acceptance. These complexities are inherent to humans’ ability to connect and also accept each other and ourselves. Her iconic imagery is reminiscent of tarot cards, 1920s political art, Alchemist manuals and dreamscapes that evolve into a reflection of self and collective experience.”

The show runs Oct. 6-27 at the gallery. See more works from the show below.

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