Mark Mulroney’s Cacophonic Acrylic Paintings

by Andy SmithPosted on

Mark Mulroney’s acrylics paintings humor and unsettle in their comic-inspired style and surreal sensibilities. These vibrant works pull from Pop and art history, which in many cases, carry near-aggressive results. In a show at Mrs. Gallery in New York, “The Dangers of Eden,” new pieces by the artists are shown.

“The last time Mark fell out of a tree was 34 years ago. He broke both of his arms and couldn’t play soccer for 3 months,” the gallery says. “His casts itched and smelled terrible. Since then his arms have been relatively clean and itch free and he uses them to make paintings. Several of his new paintings will be available for viewing and public criticism starting September 8, 2018 at Mrs. in Queens, New York. Please come, look at the work and smell his arms.”

“The Dangers of Eden” runs through Nov. 3. See more paintings below.

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