Kate Zambrano Evolves Painting Practice With ‘RE/FORM’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Kate Zambrano’s new paintings adorn found objects, shifting in tone and representing an evolution for the artist. Her work is part of an upcoming show at Modern Eden Gallery, “RE/FORM,” in which she disassembles the human form. The show runs Oct. 13-Nov. 2 at the San Francisco gallery.

“I have spent my career lately making sales to please other people,” she says. Trying to cater to what gets the most likes or attention or sells the quickest. After the giant shift on social media, I was left sort of swimming out at sea all alone. My sales dropped off. I stopped garnering attention like usual. All I know how to do is to keep working, so that’s what I did. I threw myself into making work that I wanted to make. The way art should be if we strip the business out of the equation. I pushed myself harder than ever to learn and grow and regain my voice that seemed stifled.”

See more of Zambrano’s work from the show below.

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