Alexandra Kehayoglou’s Wool Rugs Reflect Real Natural Landscapes

by Andy SmithPosted on

In Alexandra Kehayoglou’s functional wool rugs are landscapes and waterways of her native Argentina. Often her works are tethered to news stories in these regions, describing areas transformed by manmade, destructive behavior. These massive pieces offer both aerial views and classical depictions of real-life representations of the natural world.

A statement offers some insight into the top rug: “North of Buenos Aires, Argentina runs the Raggio creek, whose banks have been dramatically and suddenly altered by human activity — its greenery stripped and its natural topography transfigured. As a contribution to Design at Large, in conjunction with Artsy Projects, Alexandra Kehayoglou’s carpet, No Longer Creek, seeks to restore this decimated creek bed to its natural, prehuman state. Kehayoglou’s work stands witness to the altered landscape — a perfect proxy for what no longer exists.”

See more of her work below.

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