The Watercolor Paintings of Matthew Palladino

by Andy SmithPosted on

In Matthew Palladino’s paintings, the textures of watercolors and the artist’s dexterity in form combine to forge works with a spiritual quality. The ghostly works carry a humor and vibrancy that offer a contrast with his skeletal or distorted subjects.

“Watercolor painting on paper has an immediacy, permanence and fragility that has a bit of a mind of its own,” the venue Dio Horia says. “One can guide it but can never truly control it. It is more of a performative act, an act that Palladino performs with extreme focus. The final result is a visual recording a unique process that is at once extremely controlled but with moments of chaos, closer to a musical performance or a magic act than the classical act of painting.”

See more work from Palladino, including his relief sculptures, below.

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